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The Story Behind Coffee House Tours

From the beauty of the rural desert, summer fun at Lake Mead, and snow up on Mount Charleston, to the glitz of the Las Vegas Strip, there are a variety of activities to keep residents and tourists alike busy in Las Vegas. It’s home but we saw something it was lacking. A means for local authors to showcase their work.


In 2015 authors Linda Stiles Fox and Vicki-Ann Bush decided to brainstorm ideas to inform the community that Las Vegas has authors living amongst them in their neighborhoods. After discussing different ideas they settled on coffee. After all, what better way is there to cozy up with a new book adventure than with your favorite blanket and a cup of soothing brew beside you? 


In the beginning, it was simply the two of them pounding the pavement searching for coffee shops that were willing to host small signings. They were surprised when they were met with enthusiasm and venues began to commit to doing book signings. They began booking joint signings for the two of them. If a larger shop offered more space they would invite other author friends to participate. 


When 2016 rolled around they decided to grow their author community and they ventured out to a larger audience of shops and writers. By the time they reached 2018 the group had grown to nearly fifty authors in the Las Vegas area with other chapters popping up in New York, Utah, Arizona, and Oregon. There was a detailed website and the group traveled to a few destination signings in nearby states. 


What began as a duet of authors had now taken seed and grown to a thriving community of authors supporting one another. It was more than they ever thought was possible. However, the excitement dimmed with the loss of Vicki-Ann’s co-founder Linda. She had spent several years battling a rare cancer and she finally lost her battle. Her loss left a hole in the writing world and in the hearts of those who had known her. 


Linda’s loss made it difficult to move on and in 2019 the group faced the onset of COVID and Coffee House Tours took a nearly three year hiatus. Once stores began to re-open and life was again moving forward the group adapted and the chapters in the other states were closed and Las Vegas became the sole focus of the group once again. The original website was shut down. Slowly, the group began booking signings and they were once again looking to the future. 


The group’s future looks a lot brighter and they’re keeping busy with additional partners, old friends, and the addition of some slightly larger multi-author events. CHT is proud and happy to be connected to our community in this unique way so that we can share our love of books with all of you!


“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”


— Mark Twain


In memory of our dear friend Linda Stiles Fox

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