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On this page, you'll find a list of commonly asked questions about Coffee House Tours. If you still have questions please contact us!

How much does it cost to be a member of CHT?

  • We currently have no annual membership fees

  • There is no fee to participate in signings

  • Partner venues have no fees to partner with CHT


What's expected of authors?

Authors are expected to actively participate in signings, you must book at least one signing a quarter to be considered active, and help to spread the word about upcoming events. We are currently signing only in the Las Vegas area and you must be in or around the area and able to attend signings to join.


What is considered good author etiquette?

  • We take this one very seriously. We are all small businesses trying to promote our work. Be nice, have fun and please adhere to the following guidelines if you wish to remain a member.

  • Poaching customers will not be tolerated. Support your neighboring author's sale before you introduce your work and they will do the same. Please do not interrupt another author's pitch. Work together to create sales.

  • Remember that you are in a public setting and should conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times. You are representing yourself as a brand and CHT.

  • Do not be late to signings. Please be 15 minutes early so you're not setting up after the event begins. 

  • Do not leave a signing early unless there is an emergency. The venues set aside space for us to hold the signings and it would be rude of us to slip out early. 

  • You may cancel an appearance for emergencies but continuous cancelations of signings will not be tolerated


Am I allowed to bring friends and family to signings?

Yes! Invite everyone and have them help spread the word about the signings. Please remember to interact with customers, above and beyond entertaining your guests, you're there to spread the word about your books so please remember that. Guests are welcome, but any disruption to the signing will not be tolerated.


What is expected of authors for signings?

  • Be aware these are general rules. We have more in-depth rules that are shown to authors when they sign up for the group.

  • You will be responsible for booking yourself for available signings through the Facebook group. (You must be a member of the Facebook group, this is the only place our list of open signings is posted)

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early for set-up

  • Bring a tablecloth

  • You are responsible for your own sales. Bring ample change. A card reader is mandatory (There are many free options for this).

  • Bring your own promotional material for your section of the table.

  • Although only 1 book will be featured on the promotional poster delivered to the venue, you can bring all of your titles to sell. But please remember you are sharing a table with another author so make certain you share that space equally as the tables are often on the smaller side


How are signings promoted?

  • We create a social media poster and a poster for print

  • The printed posters go to the partner to post at the venue for customers to see 

  • Social media images can be posted/shared by all the authors in the group across most social media platforms. Even if you aren't participating in a signing, pay it forward and share all CHT signing posters. Do remember we provide the social media image and expect that you use it. Do not post photos or screenshots of either poster image. We strive for a clean, professional look.

  • Authors can also let their followers know about signings by posting on their website to show they're participating in a signing or share it in their newsletter


How do I book a signing?

  • There is a perpetual post on our Facebook group that lists all of our current open signing dates. Simply comment on the post to let our founder Vicki-Ann know which open date you'd like to reserve

  • All cancelations must be in the form of an email to Vicki-Ann


What is expected of partner venues?

  • Partners must hang up the printed poster in the venue two weeks prior to the scheduled event

  • Provide a space for authors to set up and conduct the signing

  • Venues can also assist in promoting the events by posting on their social media and website (this is not a requirement but much appreciated)


I'm not a published author, can I join?

Our group is for published authors only​

  • Authors need to be current on at least one online store (like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books2Read)

  • Active on at least one social media site (Facebook is a must)

  • CHT requires that authors have worked with a professional editor to critique their manuscript before publication

  • Authors must provide high-quality images of their book covers and a high-quality headshot for the promotional posters and website

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